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Silicon Photonics Design

About This Course

This short course teaches participants (students and industry professionals) how to design integrated optical devices and circuits, using analytic and advanced numerical techniques. We will fabricate your designs. You will measure your designs. You will then analyze your experimental data, and write a publication or report.

Why take this course?

  • You have an interest in optics, and wish to learn hands-on about integrated optics
  • To get design experience with integrated optics
  • To learn how to use advanced optical design tools
  • To get YOUR design fabricated, and obtain experimental data

QUOTES from past students: As an undergraduate student, it was an incredible experience for me to see optics theory put into practice. It was a wonderful opportunity to have my design fabricated. I highly recommend this course to anyone who ....

QUOTE from INDUSTRY: "The benefit for industrial participants is that you can quickly develop, test and validate components using EBeam rapid prototyping, prior to incorporating them in products that are manufactured by CMOS foundries." -- Michel Poulin, TeraXion

QUOTE from INDUSTRY: "Professor Chrostowski’s course provides an excellent introduction to silicon photonics design for industry participants. The hands-on approach with commercial tools, rapid e-beam prototyping, and automated characterization provides a great overview of the entire process." -- Erik Thoen, Verdant Networks